What If I Told You That You Are Owed More Power, More Money & More Rights...
And you KNOW That Deep Inside But Could Never Put Your Finger On It...You Knew That Something Was "Just Not Right"...
Find Out What They Won't Tell You...But We Will...
What Is This About?
Somewhere deep inside, you know something isn't right. All the stress, the money, the systems, the chores...it's all overwhelming and here is why...
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You are Eligible for Credit Owed to You

Born in America?

Were you born in America, in one of the States of the Union, on the land and soil of a State?

If so, you are eligible to receive back credit that has been owed to you, your parents, and your grandparents for the better part of a century.

This credit can be applied to erase debts like home mortgages, college loans, car loans, medical bills and more. 

THE FRAUD: Your Identity Was Stolen

You need to know that your identity as an American has been stolen.

You have been misidentified as a "United States Citizen" (Territorial Citizen) and then redefined as a "Citizen of the United States" (Municipal CITIZEN).

And neither one of those 'PERSONS" are eligible to receive back credit which is owed to you as an American State National or American State Citizen.

Obviously, you need to come home to the land and soil of your country and declare your true status.

SOLUTION: Correct Your Citizenship Status

You need to establish for the Public Record:

(1) the return of your Good Name to the land and soil of your birth State

(2) the expatriation of your Good Name from any foreign Territorial or Municipal status

(3) the cancellation of all previous Powers of Attorney that have left you vulnerable to attacks

(4) and the seizure of control of your ESTATE and other assets by claiming and relocating your Assumed Names back to the land and soil you are heir to.

WHAT'S HAPPENING? Fixing Our Government

Restore our Lawful Government

Each State of the Union is being assembled for the first time in 150 years. Only those Americans who have chosen to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their country are eligible to operate and conduct business for their State, so please consider joining your State Assembly.

Once you have corrected your status back to what you thought it was as an American living on the soil, you have another choice. Do you want to live as a State National, and have no obligation to serve the government? Or do you wish to join the greater effort and accept an honorable duty to restore and operate the actual State Government as a State Citizen?


You didn't have to go searching 
all over the internet for the information
and knew exactly what to do next?

In 1860, congress walked out of our capital in Philadelphia.  We never came back in session. Until now...

In 1871, Americans let the enemy squat in our vacant buildings and begin to occupy our country under the guise of government.
They were never our government. They were subcontractors that we HIRED.

~They came in from Europe, occupied our vacant buildings and started chipping away at our rights.
~They created a company (THE UNITED STATES) that sounded exactly like our country's name: The united States of America (unincorporated).
~They created a "new" capital in the District of Columbia. It's really just a corporate headquarters location.

Then they cloned our constitution and changed out a couple of key words.
This became a corporate constitution for their employees only.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States—including former slaves—and guaranteed all citizens “equal protection of the laws.”

What that means, is that the CORPORATION, converted all Americans into a slavery 2.0 system.

A birth certificate makes you an employee of theirs. Look up the US Codes...

Then they franchised our country state by state, county by county, department by department and no one woke up until about 100 years later.
~"Florida" is the land we think we inhabit.
~"STATE OF FLORIDA" is nothing more than a corporation with a DUNS number, employees and a parent company in DC and overseas.

Those who were paying attention (like Presidents who were murdered) were trying to fight it ever since but the masses were unaware and never woke up.

Then the internet happened in the 90s. Dots connected. People in-the-know could communicate more rapidly.

But the trojan horse, that lives on our soil, wouldn't stop.

~They've never stopped attacking.
~They took a shot at our food supply, another at our babies with vaccines.
~They took a shot at weakening our men. Reducing their sperm count and testosterone.
~They dumbed down our kids with lowered education and mind-numbing tell-lie-vision.
~They eroded our American spirit with open borders.
~They attacked our gun rights.
~They created division amongst families and friends.
~They attacked our laws by allowing British attorneys to work for our fake courts in the name of only making money.

But oathkeepers never die. Patriotism is hereditary. And every American bleeds red and will die for their country.
The internet is helping. Our real government is assembled again. It's time for new elections and new structure.
We've been fighting this whole time. And did you know?

Most senators are nationals.
Millions of Americans are nationals.

But anyone with a birth certificate is stuck in their system. You are US CITIZENS (employees of the corporation) subject to their bastardized corporate constitution, bylaws and statutes. It's all a big show in the corporation.
And they stole your houses, cars kids and bank accounts as THEIRS.

The rest of us, are standing over here waiting for you to wake up and "come home" to join us.
On our side, you get your forefathers' constitutional freedoms back.
You get the power back to arrest these criminals.

And you get to save a ton of money that they've been stealing from you.
Please come home and get off their ship.

We miss you,

Your fellow Americans

p.s. After years of researching and tons of scattered videos and ancient websites, an organized American has started putting all the information into one easy to follow system so more Americans can get their rights back.

For the first time in 150 years, all 50 state assemblies are back in session.
You are part of history in the making. This is my contribution to making the world a better place, one county at a time.

God bless America!